Course Curriculum

The Game Localization Process
Intro To The Game Localization Process 00:02:00
Internationalization (i18n) 00:02:00
i18n Best Practices – Tip 1 GRATIS 00:02:00
i18n Best Practices – Tip 2 00:02:00
i18n Best Practices – Tip 3 00:02:00
i18n Best Practices – Summary 00:02:00
The Localization Kit 00:02:00
The Translation Phase 00:05:00
The Review Phase 00:02:00
Localization Testing 00:04:00
Test Your Knowledge About The Game Localization Process 00:05:00
Working In-house And As Freelancer
Intro To Working In-house And As A Freelancer 00:02:00
Familiarizing With The Game In-House 00:03:00
Reference Material, Context And Freelancers 00:03:00
Queries And How To Report Them 00:05:00
Quick Look At A Query Sample File 00:03:00
Query Template 00:01:00
That Magic Moment When You See Your Own Translation On The Screen GRATIS 00:02:00
Testing By In-house Translators And Testers 00:02:00
Challenges For Freelancers 00:03:00
How Much Money Can You Make Working In The l10n Industry? 00:05:00
Quick Comparison Between In-House and Freelance Translators 00:05:00
Test Your Knowledge About Working In-House Or As A Freelancer 00:05:00
The Technical Aspects
Intro To The Technical Aspects 00:02:00
How Does A Typical Game File Look Like? 00:03:00
Game File Example In Excel 00:01:00
Tags Or Those Strange Codes Around The Text 00:03:00
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Example For Translation 00:02:00
Tags in Action I – Dragon Ball: Attack of the Sayans 00:02:00
What Was Wrong In The Previous Video? 00:02:00
Tags in Action I – Behind The Scenes 00:03:00
Tags in Action II – Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon GRATIS 00:02:00
Identify Some Tags 00:05:00
Tags in Action II – Behind The Scenes 00:05:00
Tags in Action II – Let’s Cause Some Tag Bugs! 00:02:00
Variables In Game Localization 00:05:00
Character Limitations 00:02:00
God Bless The Macros To Count Characters! 00:03:00
Test Your Knowledge About The Technical Aspects In Game Localization 00:05:00
Translation And Transcreation
Hey, You’ve Become A Super Saiyan! 00:02:00
Intro To Translation And Transcreation 00:02:00
What Is Transcreation? 00:05:00
Transcreation In 3 Steps 00:05:00
Exercise: Transcreate With Chef Ramsay And Other Memes! 00:10:00
Eco Shooter: A Short But Good Example Of Transcreation (I) 00:02:00
Identify The Words That Could Be Difficult To Translate 00:05:00
Eco Shooter: A Short But Good Example Of Transcreation (II) 00:05:00
Eco Shooter: A Short But Good Example Of Transcreation (III) 00:03:00
The Limits Of Transcreation 00:03:00
Transcreation In Practice I – Names, Items and Spells GRATIS 00:05:00
Transcreation In Practice II – Character Descriptions 00:05:00
Transcreation In Practice III – Dialogues And Accents 00:07:00
Exercise: Translate Bonsai Barber Names, Descriptions And More! 00:05:00
Transcreation In Practice IV – Songs, Rhymes And Poems 00:02:00
Exercise: Translate The Child’s Drawings Of Silent Hill 00:02:00
Transcreation In Practice V – Songs To Be Sung 00:05:00
Transcreation In Practice Ultimate Edition – The FFVI Opera Song 00:00:00
Exercise: Translate The FFVI Opera Song 00:05:00
Test Your Knowledge About Translation and Transcreation 00:05:00
Game Localization Testing
Intro To Game Localization Testing 00:02:00
What Is A Bug? 00:02:00
System Bugs I – Font Issues GRATIS 00:02:00
System Bugs II – Wrong Text Implementation 00:02:00
System Bugs III – Unexpected Issues 00:02:00
Linguistic Bugs I – Misspellings And Grammar Mistakes 00:04:00
Linguistic Bugs II – Mistranslations 00:05:00
Linguistic Bugs III – Text Overflows And Truncations 00:02:00
Linguistic Bugs IV – Style Improvements 00:04:00
Linguistic Bugs V – Inconsistencies 00:04:00
The Golden Rule For Being A Good Tester 00:02:00
Timing Issues In Subtitles 00:02:00
Cultural Issues 00:02:00
Accesibility Issues 00:04:00
How To Report Bugs Effectively 00:05:00
Bug Report Template 00:02:00
Bugs Reports Explained 00:05:00
Bug Statuses 00:03:00
Test Your Knowledge About Game Localization Testing 00:05:00
Wrapping Up
Recommended Books On Game Localization 00:05:00
Final Words And See You Next Mission! 00:02:00
Top 5 – Funny Engrish In Games 00:05:00
Top 5 – Worst Voice Acting In Gaming 00:05:00
The 5 Worst Dubbed Games In Spanish + An Incredible (Bad) Dubbing 00:10:00
Multi-line Character Count Macro 00:02:00
Certificado de minimáster
Cómo obtener un certificado de minimáster de localización relacionado con este curso 00:02:00